Check out this post! LADIES AS WELL AS GENTS!

Women I would really love to hear from you on this topic..

Men, please I like to see how you are going to twist this one up!

Knight my dahlinnng sis and jay, mike, damn my whole blog roll!

You all can leave a message and cuss me.. I am leaving this spot! My new home is the link alone.. I am going to be guest posting over there… and just coming around to comment… I have been so busy with everything in my life…. that I am just like to dead to do anything!!

So please update y our lings.. and I am adding yall to my following over in the new blog!!

Chan and I are having some fun doing the bloggin together! she is my bestie since i can remember and I am glad she asked me to come with her!!

Knight… hahahahah I cannot stay put!!

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  1. ahem, hello Ne.. 🙂

    i clicked on link, but its coming page can’t be displayed…

    will check l8r again, and drop by with comment once it is read!

    long time no post… very busy?

  2. I am sorry Vinay! don’t know what it is that this is doing! hahaha I was working on my blog so it may have done that!! just copy and past if the link dont load!

    yes I have been busy! I am like very busy a lot anymore!
    How have you been??

  3. STOP CONTROLLING US WILL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Is day-dreaming cheating….I think “no” as we need some time to escape from our everyday “madness” at times and fantasizing is a wonderful way to do it…as long as it stays a fantasy and only in our minds…not a reality and not one that we ever, ever, share with anyone but ourselves, then it stays just a “fantasy”….. when we act out our fantasties then that is when it becomes “cheating”…just my own opinion.. 🙂

  5. so not more posts here???

  6. me bak luv 🙂


  7. how r ya Ne?


  8. you ve been hiding here as well???
    naughty you 😉

  9. ne! where are you ! how are you !

  10. ?

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